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Olli Fall Recital

Such a proud mama:


Follow the link to a video of our encore.

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Student of the Week: Carissa Bohaty

DSCN0669Carissa is an amazing student who has come such a long way in the short time that I have been her teacher.  She has shown an intense interest in the violin since the beginning and even when it is difficult she has persevered and worked even harder.  She comes to lessons week after week with a practice record completely full.  She has a focus that completely envelops her and when she sets out to accomplish something it doesn’t take her long to achieve it.  I’m very proud to be Carissa’s teacher.  Her and her mom work very hard to practice daily and accomplish her goals.  This girl has got a bright future ahead of her.

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Student of the week

DSCN0630This week’s star student is Sean.  Shown here with his awesome bow hold, Sean and his mom work really hard every week.  He always comes very prepared and is excited to play.  We had to work very hard to get his violin hold/chin rest/shoulder rest to be perfect and he was very patient.  Now that we have everything fitting we are cruising along.  Today he played Tucka Tucka Stop Stop on the E and the A string and we learned “Chicken on a Fencepost”.  He is an excellent student and I always look forward to his lessons.

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